Tech Talk at the Altar


The definition of a vacation tour for my parents has now officially become pilgrimage.Whenever a tour is planned out, my sister and I make sure at least one non temple spot is included. Though my sister and I are completely against this idea of spending good quality vacation time, my parent’s search and eventual quest for spirituality and meaning for life normally coincides with our summer vacation.
When we visited this Krishna temple in Mathura on a lazy afternoon, two priests were leisurely talking about skype calling. One was giving tips and the other was about to implement them right after going home, in order to talk to a distant relative. I was passing by them when I captured this moment just to remember the idea of two men serving god having a user manual catalog type discussion at the entrance of the temple surrounded by sleepy men who thought it was disrespectful to sleep in the presence of the priests talking of some matter of importance.