How Technology Has Changed Over Time?


‘Mom…! Hurry up, dad is online.’ It was a typical morning for the Dunst household. Mr Dunst is a war soldier and his family is in Oregon.

Well, isn’t it fascinating just to realise that despite of being miles apart, you can talk to anyone at any given time? Not just that, you can keep a complete track of your loved ones, exchange gifts, send them money and what not. Living in 21st century, I tell you… It has definitely made the world closer and smaller.

Technology, a word covering decades of transformation and revolution. I remember my dad’s first cellular phone in the 90s… A thick metal box like walkie-talkie device, an antenna sticking out of it, adding a bomb sum to the bill every time he made a call. Today, he has his world captured in his ultra-slim smart phone.

Over the past couple of years, we have seen times which children of today’s generation will even find hard to believe. Will your 8 year old nephew believe that you had to stand in queues for hours together just to book tickets for a family holiday which you all plan to go 3 months later? Today, it is just a click away. A play of buttons and you can have a virtual tour of your favourite city, turn on the air conditioner in your home or even learn how to make a robot.

The first mobile phone would cost almost $200 (and that was a lot to pay in those days) and you could only make or receive calls. In the late 80s, the SMS generated a new wave and made communication easier. Gradually, the mobile phone prices started declining too. As we entered the 90s, technology turned new stones over every passing year. The phones had features like videos recording, coloured screens and voice messages. Late 90s brought in the internet which took the world by a storm and then nothing could ever stop it. Looking at the way technology is pacing, the day is not far to see the advances in your favourite Hollywood film turn into something real and a business of day-to-day life.

These phones have become extremely easy-to-operate. In fact, children these days know them better than their parents.

Today, the buttons of those QWERTY keypads have been replaced by bright glare free, shatterproof, scratch resistant touch screens and more software have made space in these technological wonders. Now, you can have the best of the technical world for the cheapest price.

Today, a smart phone can detect your blood sugar, be your best guide with GPS, remind of the oodles of calories you had throughout the day and a lot more. Google, the most widely used web portal or the IOS, the most advanced operating system, various networking and operating systems have made life a lot smoother.

The next generation of smartphones is going to be context-based and aware due to the physical sensors and data exchange options. These phones will start keeping track of your personal data, yet adapt to the information you will need based on your search history. New applications and new kind of phones. The world is already obsessing over Pokémon Go’s augmented reality innovation. More is yet to come. Android Nougat, Allo and Duo, new iPhone in the making… Phew! The list is long.

An array of mobile applications of almost everything you can imagine, just like a piece of cake… This reminds me, I need to order online, a cake and a bouquet for my mom… Good day, folks.