The Opinion is so big an idea that anything original will fit just right in. If you have something that goes along the lines below, shoot it right at us and get it published.

  1. The Opinion loves flow and grammar. It accepts content if the editors can work without getting sore eyes, and don’t feel like rewriting.
  2. The Opinion has no censor board (table or chair for that matter) but has an AI named TO-BOT which can differentiate creative content from porn, hate speech, essays and of course spam. Hope you are not wondering, but The Opinion only considers the former as entries.
  3. Anything too short will not be considered. A minimum word length of 250 words is required for an article. The Opinion’s AI TO-BOT recommends ten-word articles be updated as social network statuses, topped with emoticons to fill spaces.
  4. Finally and most importantly (and sorry repeatedly), we accept only original, unpublished content.

Before you could submit your post just go through the TO-BOT FAQs.


Can I give articles on my personal blog?

No, you cannot. Content sent to The Opinion should be fresh and first. You can paste (your) articles from The Opinion to your blog if required but only with the link back to the original article. We are good people. We are polite. Google, Yahoo and Bing aren’t. 🙂

Were you kidding about the AI ‘TO-BOT’?

Yes, you are right, and we appreciate the deduction. The people behind The Opinion, have passed rigorous Turing tests like CAPTCHA tests, bio-metric tests and proved to be 100%, humans.  

Coming to what this page is for: You can contribute to this website without any hesitation. The Opinion always welcomes people with opinions.

To contribute email your article or short story to