The Reign of Smartphones

Smart Phones

High Dynamic Ranging, 13 mega-pixel camera, 8 mega-pixel front camera, giga bytes of RAM, Snapdragon-810 processor quad core etc…!! These technical terms were only used by IT professionals a few years back. But nowadays these are the most trending and commonly used terms on a daily basis. The ubiquitous smart devices have not only entered the markets, but also announced their arrival in our lives and day to day usage. With the advent of phones having multi-tasking capabilities and price tags below the range of 10k, it’s a common sight to see a smart phone in the possession of all.

With Samsung breaking the barrier by crossing the most number of smart phones sold a year and other competitors reinventing the various technologies, people find it indeed a really hard task to keep their fingers off the phones.

We all know the capability of these gadgets but all these technological advancements find themselves on the back foot when it comes to its wide influence on the teenagers and adults. Agreed that it makes life interesting and facile but it’s really heart breaking to see kids glued to it the whole time rather than being out of their houses and indulging in physical activities. People are so much engrossed in the “virtual-reality” that they fail to notice and pay attention to the things happening around them. We can often find kids failing to respond to the calls of their parents as they are deeply engaged in a game. If you are a parent, would you rather see your eight year old sweating it out in a tennis-court/swimming pool, or surf the subways on your smart phone?

I remember the time when my achievements in academics earned me a nice English willow cricket bat during my school days. For a whole week, I enjoyed the envious looks of my mates. However, the current scenario is such that, the kids nowadays, are being promised a new phone in exchange of high grades. It makes me wonder if this is how people define a generation gap. If so, I simply pity the kids who are deprived of any form of physical activity. Teenagers tend to fall a victim to the “virtual world” and become couch potatoes.

How hard could it be to not use your cell phones for a couple of hours? Turns out, it is very hard. I find people seeing their phones every 5 minutes even though they haven’t received any kind of notification. Such is the influence of this addiction. And just when people started worrying about the high charge consumption of the phones, the manufactures came up with a new product; “The Power Banks”. As the power bank found its way into the market, it of course, became an instant hit, much to the delight of many. It was introduced with a motive of keeping you “always connected”. Is it really that necessary?

There are also some other major causes of concern; privacy and security. With photos and data automatically getting uploaded to the cloud, there are lots security issues. They seem to be secure and safe, but all it takes is a good hacker. There were lots of leaked personal photographs of celebrities that came to light when the cloud database got hacked once. That’s when the alarm bells started ringing and the companies implemented counter measures. Still, there are a lot of ignorant people. With the e-mail accounts automatically getting synced to the phone, it just makes phishing easier. It is simpler to hack an account synced on the smart phones when compared to laptops or desktops. It generally happens when people connect to a free wireless source internet and unknowingly, they become a sitting duck. Hence, it is necessary to stay very cautious.

I’m not trying to play the blame-game here and go poking fingers at all. I myself am a victim to this addiction. I just want to stress on the fact about how much these are influencing our life style in a negative way too. There are a lot of productive ways in which the smart phones can be used but one needs to draw a clear and decisive line between its proper usage and addiction.

We humans are indeed becoming the slaves of our own creation.
I really miss those days when phones were just used for the sake of communication with others. The population then, was a much more interactive and a prudent one.

Populism and Anti-Incumbency: The Bread and Butter of Tamil Nadu Politics

Loyalty to country always. Loyalty to government, when it deserves it.

– Mark Twain

We have been fed enough by the socially aware memologists with their ‘Admit It’ memes, lateral thinkers who blog / brag, really attentive citizens who sincerely care about the country’s future, about the need to vote, the right to vote and the significance of each and every single vote which can seal the fate of a state for the next five years. This is probably the only time, you feel proud and accomplished for dirtying your finger and never want it to fade away soon before clicking a selfie. With that proud feeling in the heart let us cut deep into stuffs that is binding the TN politics over a few decades. The 2 factors which are inseparable from the TN politics are Populism and Anti-Incumbency.

“An anti-incumbent vote is one exercised against elected officials currently in power. It allows the voters to register their discontent with sitting government officials, particularly when protesting against certain actions taken by the government or the elected officials in question”, tells our wiki. Anti-Incumbency would be only meaningful and fruitful if voters are exposed to sensible and logical alternative parties to the ruling party. The Anti-Incumbent situation in our state is more or like, a cricket match where the umpire tosses a coin and ask the winning (winner of the toss) captain to choose between Bowling and Fielding. Though Anti-Incumbency had been put on a rough patch by the humongous money launderings, whooping scams of the alternative party in house, Populism is one evil that has spread its tentacles wide on an exponential rate.

So what is this Populism?

“Populism is a political outlook or disposition that appeals to the interests and conceptions (such as hopes and fears) of the general population, especially when contrasting any new collective consciousness push against the prevailing status quo interests of any predominant political sector”, confuses wiki. Though Populism has a bunch of meanings and definitions, the one which we refer to here is the Catch- all politics or the demagogy policy adopted by various parties to win the election.


So you go to USA (for instance) and pick out a guy and ask him to differentiate between their two major contemporary political parties. “We have Democrats who strongly believes in Modern Liberalism which supports ideas of civil liberty and equality with support for social justice and a mixed economy and on the other hand we have Republicans who believe strongly in American Conservatism which involves support for free market capitalism, deregulation, restrictions on labor unions, social-conservative policies.”, answers a guy in a trumpified voice.

Ask the same question to a guy from our state, his obvious reply would be, “One party promised us to give TV and other party promised us to give Refrigerator, I already got a Color TV from previous government so I am going to vote for the party which gives me free refrigerator.” Well this is how Populism has infected our vote banks.

Though am NOTA supporter of both the major contemporary parties, but they too had ideologies when they were first founded. One party was founded with one single notion of winning a separate independent state for the Dravidians, while the other party was completely against the ethnic exclusion and inducted policies targeting the upbringing of poorer segments of Tamil society. Both, though not completely have miserably failed in its ideology over the time.

Looking forward for a Real Ideology Based Politics where people won’t require a 350 pages’ manifesto to elect a party in the near future.

Two Indian Country Women at 4 AM


What does 4.00 AM remind you of? Sleep (just this for me, of course), mid night study, hostel nights, night shifts, a night before family occasions and whatnot. Medical reports say it is an odd time to be awake at, that can damage the proper hormonal secretion. My mom says that if I keep awake until late hours I will lose all of my hair!

Well, I certainly could easily count the number of 4.00 AM’s I would have seen in my life and I am very sure not even one of those were about studying hard or doing something very important.

One such not-so-important of my 4.00 AM’s took place two days ago. I was with my uncle and aunt, waiting with our car for our driver to arrive. Apparently, the driver had returned at odd hours the night before which was why he didn’t arrive at the expected time. The journey that was planned was a very long one that could cover 400 kilometers back and forth. We were going to the house warming of an apartment that my uncle had bought recently for which we got to be on time. Both the elders were impatiently ringing the driver’s number repeatedly while I lay half-awake on the window of the car.

I was constantly thinking of how I woke up at 3.00 AM in the morning which has almost never happened in my life. My only concern was that the driver should turn up soon so that I can regain the lost sleep. I was going on mentally calculating how I had slept for only 2 hours the night before and how I am going to do nothing but only sleep until we reach the destination. The road was nothing like you would expect as in cities. Mine being a small town, was peacefully slumbering at that time. No lights other than the streetlights, no noise of two wheelers, only countable people at sight, a few stray dogs trotting on the corner of the roads. Having nothing interesting to experience then, I went back to thinking how I had to lose my sleep. Since all the 10+ hours-sleep-a-day plans were executable only during semester holidays, I was telling myself how totally unlikely this situation is! By this time I had decided that I was going to compensate for this by sleeping the whole of next day!

In my faint view, fell something that was moving. As I focused, I was able to make out an old lady coming from the other side of the road. I couldn’t help but wonder what would a woman of her age (definitely beyond 60), was doing there at 4.00 AM. Her hair was undone, she was carrying a very old, disoriented mesh bag with her which for sure contained something to eat or drink. Above all, it was the way she was walking that prompted me to straighten up from my lazy position and to take a closer look. She didn’t walk normally, she had a penguin kind of walk where one side of her body struggled when she weighed the ground with the other side. She couldn’t walk more than 10 steps at one go. She had to pause for every 10 steps even if it was the middle of the road! What if she had to cross the road during heavy traffic? My aunt and I were wondering if she was leaving to work or to home from work!

The day went on and my lost sleep was considerably compensated for. We were returning back after a long day when at 9.00 PM we had to cross through the same spot to get home. To my utter shock my aunt pointed out to me the same old lady sitting on one side of the road with a shop that was laid on road, selling something that I couldn’t really notice as we passed by. If 9.00 PM was her working time, 4.00 AM would have been the time when she went home the previous day after work. My assessment might be wrong, she might have even unusually worked for longer hours the previous day and something that I might never think of. But when one Indian woman was sitting inside comfortably in a car planning to regain her lost sleep at 4.00 AM, another Indian woman was working until then and was making her miserable way home only to work another full day!

The whole thought process is not about people who struggle for a living or about people who complain about small things. It is about the various forms of life role each one plays in this world. Only when you broaden your view, will you come to know that there is just so much of what exists more than you have seen or experienced.

I Don’t


Marriage is a common dream. The perfect moment where we are expected to find happiness… To feel content that the person standing opposite or next or sitting elsewhere is the one we’ve been waiting for all these years. There are age old dogmas which run in our society and the idea of marriage is one among them. Sure, it would have been the best practice years ago. But to keep following the same institution of marriage without posing questions about its practices in this era of enlightenment is a mistake.

There is a common tenet to exert dominance- both physical and sexual over a married woman by her husband. Sexual independence is only a dream to many women who feel bereft of having control over their own body. A UN survey says that 2/3 of married women are victims of marital rape. Marital rape is not an easy concept to be understood by many so to explain what it means, marital rape is when a married woman is physically or sexually abused by her husband without her consent.

Our society has been for long, driven by the idea of transaction that marriage also is being looked at as one. Matrimony is often seen as the transaction of ownership from the bride’s family to the groom. With such a transaction and signing of agreement, it is felt that open consent is given to dominate the woman involved and to reach any extent to implicate animalistic torture over her. Because naturally, she has been portrayed as a property according to this practice. There is a fault in the way people perceive marriage. It has shifted from the combination of hearts leading to asserting and establishing love for each other, to a menial idea of open and always available medium for sex.

The awareness about marital rape is so minimal that most women think of it to be a general practice. It is looked upon as a part in the process of getting married. The doctrine of ‘Pathi-Parameshwar’, wherein servitude to one’s husband is paramount is repulsive and to explain against it would only end futile. But how long can someone bear to stand such a torture. Stress after marriage increases abruptly for women due to various reasons, ill-treatment being the first. This is why as per another study, every six hours a married woman is forced to commit suicide.

She walked down the aisle, bursting with smiles. The veil and her bonnet combined couldn’t contain the outburst of joy on her face. He stood there, the guy who would spend eternity with her. He smiled too. She stepped onto the altar and looked at him. He was handsome, well built… a fine lad. She felt glee… Happiness attributed to the content that her parents have done enough justice to the belief she had in them- to have found her the perfect groom. Everything around her was pure magic and she felt ecstatic that this moment was just as she had dreamt. Perfect. All this to get beaten up, tortured, assaulted and feel deprived? Sounds wrong doesn’t it? Well, what is more wrong is that marital rape is not an offence punishable by law according to the Indian Penal Code.

It states that marital rape can only be punishable if the victim is under 16 years of age when the legal age for a woman to get married is 18. Such an age old legislation that is not even under consideration to be altered withal the idea of suppression leads to a situation where many cries of women have gone unheard of. The reason stated for not changing law with respect to this aspect, the reply given was that it would “weaken the institution of marriage”. Well if reporting marital rape would weaken it, I am startled if it was believed that upholding sexual assault would strengthen matrimony.

Well, what is more wrong is that marital rape is not an offence punishable by law according to the Indian Penal Code.

We all talk about ‘Mardaani’ and about how cool it is to be manly. Is it manly to assault and torture one’s wife for something as futile as sex? Is the woman you married just an instrument for pleasure and isn’t her respect supposed to be your priority? Is a woman supposed to be servile or is her life just to please you? Every woman has a say on everything that concerns her. Her body, soul and mind are hers alone and she has total independence over them just as anyone should. Anything apart from that independence is a violation that should be curbed for if a woman is not safe at home, how will she feel safe elsewhere?

So, if she consented to the marriage saying “I Do”, know that the “I Do” is not for anything and everything that is to follow.

Black is the New White

black is the new white

I stay frozen watching TV. The inevitable happens. 10 minutes after the show started advertisements start flashing. Advertisement of a popular washing powder shows white shirts getting whiter and brighter. I now imagine. What of black shirts?


The morning of the new year I happen to hear this story from one of my friend. He wakes up as early as possible that morning. He bathes. Makes him up and gets ready to hang out with his friends. Suddenly his mom yells at him. “Dai nalla naal athuvuma karuppu satta potukriyae. Vera ethaavathu potutu po(Why on earth are you wearing black shirt on this auspicious day. Wear something else and go)”. He sobs having left with no other choice.


I have been visiting countless number of temples since my childhood. Temples in India attract people in huge numbers. The point to be noted here is the diversity of people. I have seen black, brown, pale, white and people of all complexion visiting temples. As soon as I enter the shrine of the temple I see God in front of me sculpted beautifully in a BLACK sacred stone.

If Black depicts sorrow, God depicts sorrow too. If black depicts sorrow, every night is sorrow. The whole idea of black being called a sign of evil is obsolete.

Why is there diversity in complexion if God is partial to the colour white. Why are shrines of God Black in colour. We humans ourselves force the idea that black depicts sorrow and we ourselves go on sculpting the shrine of God on a black stone and worship it. Isn’t that unfair? Yes it is.


The fact that his mom’s words made my friend sob is a great sign. People of today’s generation understand the world better. Yes! They say we are losing the culture that has been in existence since a thousand years. But does that anyway matter? It is now enough if we know the past. Sati was a bad practice of the past. Didn’t we stop that cruelty? So everything of culture is not to be preserved.

Wearing white on auspicious days was a culture. But it no longer is valid. I have worn Black dresses on auspicious days. I haven’t felt even a tiny bit of negativity in it.

Black has nothing to do with sorrow. Black is nothing to do with being pessimistic. Black is nothing to do with black of those days. It is just another colour. It is just a part of light. It is just another colour that is visible to your eyes.

Just think of the blind. They love black. Infact they only love black. They see black. They live black. I have seen happier blind people than most of us. Black is no more a bad omen. If it is, it shouldn’t be.

Look around you. Black is inevitable. There is less white these days. Black is not bad. Black is the new white.

Juvenile Adult

Amar Chitra Katha

“And thus the lazy grasshopper learnt its lesson from the ant”. Getting your nostalgia kindled?

Do you still remember those Amarchitrakhatas and Panchantra story books? My childhood was filled with these stories either being heard from elders or read them fondly. These days we neither have elders at home who willfully say such stories nor these so called “books”. It’s always been the R. D. Sharma and JEE mains books right from sixth standard. Our society has evolved to such an extent that we teach an eight year old about sex education and not any of these meaningful tales.

Thinking about it, those weren’t just fairytales or bed time stories. They taught us life lessons. They molded us. Our perception, our opinion on the society. Present 2014 has no more of amarcithrakahtas ever being popularly talked about. Citing my own childhood days, I was blessed with wonderful souls who told me bed time stories until I was sixth grade. Trust me I never got bored of it. Story telling is an art and finishing with a social quality that should be instilled within nourishing young adults and is way beyond perfection. Such stories made me think. Grasshopper should have been a little more proactive if it had enough sense to know that winter is coming and storage of food was indispensable. King Harish Chandra lost everything but never lied in his lifetime so on and so forth. I would still be all ears if my grandmother could tell me bedtime stories. These stories always had interactions, human touch to it.

I couldn’t stop emphasizing the hard luck the growing toddlers face in this era. I had my eleven year old nephew coming up to me and talking about the jelly-bean software up-gradation in android phones. His parents were very proud in the right way their boy is growing up. I couldn’t stop feeling pity for them or for that innocent little human growing into a technology slave at such a young age. I was very curious to know how fortunate his childhood days are, and immediately asked him “what were his favorite panchantantra stories”? He gave me an awkward smile and it pains me so much to say I got silence for an answer. I wasn’t able to comprehend and digest the incident. I was flabbergasted. I got furious that innocent child had already adapted itself into the way how the society wishes it to be seen. Thanks again to modern technology and the proud parents who exactly knew what was unerringly needed for their child’s development.

The society, the parents, the teachers everybody wants the infant to grow, grow faster, mature, well-established, so developed that they don’t get a fair chance of growing, enjoying their childhood and learning what is necessary. Everybody wants a juvenile adult.

If you think teaching your child about physical abusing and harassing is essential then why not about Panchatantras and Amarchithrakhatas? Why not inspire the young bud with ancient rich civilization and culture rather than dumping it with harsh realities of life. It doesn’t mean that the child should be refrained from the harsh realities. It is just that we millennial from 80’s and 90’s generation feel we grew better and smarter than this smart phone era.




Ever since the birth of the human race, one thing that has been a constant is evolution. We evolved from walking on fours to walking on twos, invented fire and the wheel, became settled farmers instead of being hunters, invented so many things to help us grow (if I start mentioning each one, I’d probably be dead by the time I finish) and whatnot. We made a lot of mistakes but we sure did learn from them. But all through this journey, one characteristic of man that hasn’t changed is Judgement.

Judgement has become our bread and butter which is served so quickly that you wish the same speed can be achieved in a courtroom. “Whatever you do, people will always judge you.” has become a saying of sorts. Right from when we come into this world, an aunty/uncle/grandmother/grandfather will go “He looks just like his father. Hope he turns out just like him.” and that’s it. Our life from thereon will be focused on aping our father. If you want to go out and play, people will say that you don’t study enough and if you decide to stay indoors and study, the same people will go “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” If you decide to take up a lesser known course in college; they decide that your 12th standard marks are of unspeakable levels.

It doesn’t end there. Professors judge us based on marks or as they like to call it – academic performance. What’s more saddening is that people of our age, our college mates, continue the deed. People judge you on your choice of friend down to your choice of hairstyle. Feelings will be trampled upon like fallen leaves.

People often mistake judgement to be an opinion. An opinion is one’s view or suggestion on a certain matter which is given straight to the person concerned. For example, “You’ll probably score more runs if you slightly adjust your posture.” is an opinion. Whereas judgement is a conclusive statement which may or may not be given straight to the face of the person concerned. For example, “I guarantee that you’ll never score runs because your posture is the worst.” is an outright judgement.

It maybe too late. We may have reached a point in our evolution wherein it is virtually impossible to eradicate judgement, but I am an optimistic man. I wish a time will come where people aren’t judged in every walk of their lives. I hope I have sowed a seed towards achieving that goal. After all, today’s seeds are tomorrow’s trees.

Finally, a note to parents: “What will society think?” is not a valid reason to force your children to alter their life decisions. Society is going to judge no matter what you decide to do. So let them at least be judged for what they like to do and not for something they hate already.

But then again, this is just my Opinion.

One For The Crowd!

find your beautiful

India is going through a very bad phase right now. Yeah! We are witnessing the hottest summer in decades, we saw Mallya absconding, taking with him a part of India’s economy, the Indian cricket team losing the World cup semis and a ‘Housefull’ sequel releasing next month! Amidst all these misfortunes, I happened to see one good YouTube video last week (No, not the “Angel song” by Taher Shah or Kamal R Khan’s ‘Fan’ review). It was a video called “Find your beautiful” featuring Radhika Apte. It had her looking at a photo of a younger her, wondering what she would say to that girl. It had the cutest dialogues and a brilliant message. I don’t remember the last time I saw something about women that didn’t blame men for each and everything.

It all started in the year 2012, when that shameful, disheartening and brutal event happened in Delhi. It was a wake up call of sorts for the Indian community, which couldn’t accept a more forward and exotic way of living. It was a Global topic to discuss on India’s stand in women’s safety. Quite ironically, countries like the USA, UK, which tops the list of number of harassment cases, ‘advised’ us on women safety and equality. And we Indians, as usual, had and have been quite receptive of those advises.

The ‘India’s Daughter’ documentary, for instance, was trending in YouTube right from the day it was released. For starters, it was a documentary released by the BBC (the irony I was talking about!) containing interviews from the lawyers, relatives and medical professionals associated with the ‘Nirbhaya’ case. Since then, many articles, many news reports, many interviews focused the issue of sexual harassment in our country. Things are getting better now, except for one thing, the blame on ‘men’. Not ‘those men’ whom we should have blamed and punished, but ‘men’ in general. The lawyer’s view of that case was particularly criticized for being sexist, which it was, but some went on to criticize the whole male community. Is our society too dangerous for women to survive? I don’t think so. That said, I am equally ashamed of the recent harassment cases, but that doesn’t mean an entire community must be blamed.

The other day I saw this Facebook post saying “Men, stop treating women so badly!” from someone in my friend’s list and I really laughed out loud. We all know Phoolan Devi and Cyanide Mallika were murderers, but does it make the whole women’s community, murderers? No offense. As much as I respect people’s opinion against sexual discrimination, I think we have evolved better than blaming a whole community based on the actions of some psychos.

But then again, this is just my Opinion.

Criminals Thrive in the Indulgence Of Society’s Understanding


Indulgence!The ability to resist our whims and desires. The very quality in which we Indians, the most revered civilization on Earth, ought to expertise. Of course, it is a solid constituent and a part and parcel of our everyday life. In the name of our motherland, in the way we lead our living, in the view that we care to have on others’ problems, I leave our ultimate semblance on this grounds to the rest of this text.

Around the globe, people respect India and its cultural opulence. Let’s spare a moment discussing this. True to our soul, think of the way we spend every day here. Unfortunately, we will be left in a pathetic situation which leaves us with no choice other than feeling offended. We must rather feel guilty for the position we get abroad on emotional and cultural grounds.

Speaking on this roughly would rather bring an obscure picture. Let’s dig this further and I’m happy if we get a clear picture, which might in turn arouse a fire that solves them.

Strange Omnipresence

            We people take proverbs and old sayings a big deal, in fact use them as guides to many important decisions we take in life, later we blame the same for the terrible aftermath. Here steps in the pseudo support of indulgence. Thanks to the generations that sowed its seeds in this ultra-modern society we live in, and generously brought that up. The point is that the sayings have not been understood as they were to be. I would rather say they are being presumed in the manner that pleases us.

So we tend to act in a way we like, with absolutely no care about society’s understanding, which might get opposed at dawn, but unfortunately, followed blindly before dusk that follows. Every Indian nook and corner has at least a stain of this trend. Basically a problem (the evil to the eyes of writer) has an ability to spread like a wildfire in all means, which lay the pavement for the well-establishedsocialism, Criminality of course.

Corruption is one such example. It is more like a lay man starting his life with all his might to make for his daily bread. He will look for all means to get into a job at first, then making his position permanent at the first job or moving to a better place where he gets chance to spread his business and revered more. That’s the way. He’s the boss then, independent to be on his own. Here comes an addiction and support that drives him. Corruption too ruins the society with such steadiness at every stage, boosted by the Indian indulgence that flood around.

Here the point the readers are requested to note is the ‘Independence’ factor that’s in the driver’s seat. Our motherland too got very much used to this evil only at the post-independence decades, when we pretend to be on our own. Because pre independent India was driven by very strong ambitions and aspirations with no room for reluctance and tolerance of any kind of evils. But now, we cannot deny that we were reluctant at first. But we develop ignorance as days go by, we tend to travel against the ethical way while we pursue the personal ethics, like an adolescent against his fathers’ words. Eventually we tend to just pursue but not follow.

Unethical Ethics

            We have practiced to live with many criminals within, in every person or society. We do encourage them at every stage of their development by our inherent qualities. Awesomeness. We have immediate criminal encounters everywhere both in reality and every column of newspapers.

Bribery, the most pampered child of Indulgence. Wow! It’s a necessary evil nowadays. We often consider bribing as a duty. We do everything for a reason of course. We have made up our auspicious minds that bribe too is for a reason. We plan the same as a part of our budget. Lovely, isn’t it? It somehow occupies the honourable position of the society, making its victims colour-blind.

In what way I’m degraded to bribery? Claims robbery. Our KNOWLEDGE is what matters. Bribery comes in tandem with our knowledge, while robbery cares not. So do the punishments. Every chain that is snatched came out of indulgence that screens our inborn emotions to resist. We don’t even have guts to launch a police complaint, guided by our soul’s voice sounding that to be useless.

We are yet to encounter another similar necessarily omnipresent Social Giant, which dwells with pride in every currency bill we give in. Any essential embodiment of the society has its footprint, i.e., the donations that we pay in every institution that we deal with. It starts with a monetary assistance they accept to build themselves, to the commanding demand they pose to customers, subscribers, students, candidates or any other better name you may call the victims by. Nowadays people even don’t care to claim proper receipts for the funds they pay, as instructed by their ignorance. We want admissions in prestigious institutions, ready to spend lakhs off the record.


If I am not wrong, I say the driving reason backing up these is the reluctance to show interest in it, cleared by the above stated instances. We proudly consider it to be wise to be away from these evils to care a lot about our personal business and living. We don’t have enough patience and involvement to get into it and do our part against it. We don’t find it better to be in governing too, considering politics to be rubbish. People nowadays find no time to care for others and have mind to help them. We advise our children not even to speak to strangers. The girls at home are instructed not to rely upon any strange man she finds. But we rely upon arranged marriages.

Many who advise don’t follow the same. Contradictorily, we strictly follow it.

We rush away from a crime scene or a heartrending accident scene. We develop hatred against police stations, even to step into it. If we want a service done at a government office, we have developed and practiced a wonderful nature of enquiring the personnel and settling the honorary special pay to get the job done (boosting up the process, in department terminology).

Anything looks ordered from distance. All these crimes may pretend to be the parts of our well-being from such distant visage. Chaos of course lies warm within the smoke on mirrors they show. A little bit closer look may show its true colours that facilitate reformers to take care of.

But who cares!

This post was originally published first at The Opinion and later republished at Conscience Spoke with permissions