The Ultimate Experience








One has to experience at least some amount of sadness to get a real experience of happiness.

Yes you read that right!

It is not possible to stay gleeful and satisfied at all times. Neither are your woes permanent! Just like it takes a vacillating mind to come up with most innovative ideas, it takes a broken heart to understand the self and realize the feeling of absolute pleasure or delight.

What is sadness?

Sadness is an emotional state of being which tends to highly demotivate a person and create a state of imbalance in the mind. It is a feeling that affects everyone.

There might be several reasons for the cause of unhappiness. Scientific studies reveal that only a single particular part of the brain (left pre-frontal cortex) is affected when a person is depressed. And it is this, which is responsible for one of the most commonly experienced emotions which are caused mostly by the mundane activities revolving around an individual’s life. There could be several reasons to this; burden of responsibility, anxiety and strenuous working or living environments.

Life has many ups and downs. A flat line in an ECG isn’t the one that indicates life, it’s the zigzag line that does. Similarly it is these ups and downs are the ones that help a person to evolve. Sadness and pessimistic feelings are not permanent. They are just essential.

People always interpret grief as highly negative thought. It is actually that part of the emotion that induces a sense of awareness in one’s life. Now you might argue that this an insane thought but I feel that it’s a necessary evil.

Take pessimistic people as examples. Since they tend to consider and expect the worst possible result in everything they do, they are better prepared to handle the outcomes of any scenario, no matter how severe it is. The mind is well prepared to take a fall. Now, imagine the feeling or emotion of a person who has expected the worst and has got a good or slightly moderate outcome. Pessimists are in a much better and mentally stable state than others who have the anxiety of failure, because they are already prepared for the extreme outcomes. Hence, it is always better to consider the glass of water as “half-empty” rather than “half-filled”.

The experience of happiness by a dejected person is almost similar to a man who has lost his way and has discovered a city. Imagine the intensity of joy and relief one would experience.

Thus, rather than being in a happy state always (which is actually not possible all the time in a real life!), a state of sadness can help a person retrospect, think and be better prepared for anything that may not go their way.

The most colourful rainbow appears only after the fiercest thunderstorms.

So, shed some tears, embrace the agony, let go of your inner ego and pick yourself from the ground to experience what it is like to have undergone all this and finally get the true sense of composure and joy.

Juvenile Adult

Amar Chitra Katha

“And thus the lazy grasshopper learnt its lesson from the ant”. Getting your nostalgia kindled?

Do you still remember those Amarchitrakhatas and Panchantra story books? My childhood was filled with these stories either being heard from elders or read them fondly. These days we neither have elders at home who willfully say such stories nor these so called “books”. It’s always been the R. D. Sharma and JEE mains books right from sixth standard. Our society has evolved to such an extent that we teach an eight year old about sex education and not any of these meaningful tales.

Thinking about it, those weren’t just fairytales or bed time stories. They taught us life lessons. They molded us. Our perception, our opinion on the society. Present 2014 has no more of amarcithrakahtas ever being popularly talked about. Citing my own childhood days, I was blessed with wonderful souls who told me bed time stories until I was sixth grade. Trust me I never got bored of it. Story telling is an art and finishing with a social quality that should be instilled within nourishing young adults and is way beyond perfection. Such stories made me think. Grasshopper should have been a little more proactive if it had enough sense to know that winter is coming and storage of food was indispensable. King Harish Chandra lost everything but never lied in his lifetime so on and so forth. I would still be all ears if my grandmother could tell me bedtime stories. These stories always had interactions, human touch to it.

I couldn’t stop emphasizing the hard luck the growing toddlers face in this era. I had my eleven year old nephew coming up to me and talking about the jelly-bean software up-gradation in android phones. His parents were very proud in the right way their boy is growing up. I couldn’t stop feeling pity for them or for that innocent little human growing into a technology slave at such a young age. I was very curious to know how fortunate his childhood days are, and immediately asked him “what were his favorite panchantantra stories”? He gave me an awkward smile and it pains me so much to say I got silence for an answer. I wasn’t able to comprehend and digest the incident. I was flabbergasted. I got furious that innocent child had already adapted itself into the way how the society wishes it to be seen. Thanks again to modern technology and the proud parents who exactly knew what was unerringly needed for their child’s development.

The society, the parents, the teachers everybody wants the infant to grow, grow faster, mature, well-established, so developed that they don’t get a fair chance of growing, enjoying their childhood and learning what is necessary. Everybody wants a juvenile adult.

If you think teaching your child about physical abusing and harassing is essential then why not about Panchatantras and Amarchithrakhatas? Why not inspire the young bud with ancient rich civilization and culture rather than dumping it with harsh realities of life. It doesn’t mean that the child should be refrained from the harsh realities. It is just that we millennial from 80’s and 90’s generation feel we grew better and smarter than this smart phone era.

Does it Even Really Matter?


Does it Even Really Matter?

I am supposed to be warning you that the following discussion is not safe for women, children and minors.

But here’s what I’ll tell you instead;

The discussion is not safe for people who aren’t open minded. (honest question,why is this topic taboo anyway?)


Here, I said the word. And nothing happened, nobody punished me or anything. It is just like every other word. You just try saying it out and tell me if it feels any different.

This blog post is not going to be spicy (boo!). Nor is it going to be educational (yaay!). I am writing all this to know why sexuality is not looked upon as a personal preference but remains a topic which is only analysed in our imaginations.

There is no need to be discriminatory to a person just based on his/her sexuality, imagine somebody who wont let you sit next to them in a bus because you are wearing the wrong brand of jeans.

A person’s sexual preferences, just like a brand of jeans, remain his own choice which he doesn’t need to answer to anyone about.

In the country I live in, homosexuality is a myth which doesn’t exist, a disease which has been cured.

We try to make issues magically disappear by ignoring them.

It is a concept which most of us don’t understand, but that doesn’t mean it is a sin. Our ignorance of homosexuality is based on some points which really have to be discussed.

Our Laws:

Article 377 basically says that homosexuality is wrong while it really isn’t. Do we have a law which says sexual relations between a man and a woman is perfectly legal? We don’t.

Then why do we take up the responsibility of interfering with the private preferences of another set of human beings when it doesn’t really threaten us?. Here’s why:

We are afraid of differences.

Differences threaten us, they take us away from that orderly cocoon we built for ourselves.

A homosexual person is considered wrong not because we are under threat due to said person, it is because our cocoon gets threatened when it knows about such people.

We are scared, and that social fear translates to such laws which protect our un-informativeness.

Calling out “ah, gayyy!” at someone is not really funny. Even if #social #media tells you otherwise.

There are evil straight people and good gay people in this world. They are termed evil/good because of their sexuality deeds.

P.S: If god hated gay people as some of you claim, he wouldn’t have created them in the first place. So stop acting as if you have inside information on god’s opinion.

P.P.S: I am a straight person.