Why is Marvel more successful than DC?


The past decade has been the best time to be a comic book fan. The amount of movies that have been made based on superheroes after the turn of the millennium is 42! Yeah, you read it rightWhat’s more, the coming years are going to be packed to the brim with more superhero movies. The chief contributors to this list have been two colossal giants of the comic book industry, Marvel and DC comics.

DC comics was founded as National Allied Publications by Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson in the year 1934, while Marvel was founded as Timely Publications by Martin Goodman in the year 1939.  To achieve what these two companies have today, they sure have come a long, long way. (that rhymes!) Although the two are neck and neck when it comes to comics, Marvel gives DC a run-for-its-money when it comes to movies. Of the 42 movies mentioned, 34 have been from Marvel against DC’s paltry tally of 8 movies.

The reason for Marvel’s success in movies has been Scarlett Johansson its endearing heroes and plots where the hero always wins. Not to mention the heroes’ awareness of the need to save civilians during war. DC fails when it comes to this, as its heroes are more emotionally dark and devoid of humour. But the biggest mistake according to me is that DC’s heroes are more God-like or aliens. For example, take the Justice League. Batman is the only hero who hasn’t acquired that status just by accident or by being born in another planet. Superman is from an alien planet called Krypton and so is Martian Manhunter who as his name suggests, arrives from Mars. Wonder Woman is a demi-goddess while Aquaman gets his powers from his mermaid mother and we are made to believe that The Flash got his super-human speed as a result of getting hit by a lightning and a particle accelerator explosion. As you can see, most of them are already superheroes.

Marvel on the other hand, has heroes whose origin stories are believable (to an extent). Take the Avengers. Captain America is a super-soldier with heightened reflexes, strength, vision and intelligence and as the Cap would call him, Iron man is a “A big guy in a suit of armour.” Oh but he’s also a genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist but ultimately a human. Black widow – human, Hawk-Eye – human. Hulk and Thor (Demi-God) are the only indestructible members of the Avengers core team. Even heroes of the extended Marvel universe who have superpowers attribute it to evolution and mutation (X-Men) and not by accident. What I’m trying to say is that most of Marvel’s heroes can be killed (but they aren’t).

Also, DC’s handling of storylines has been panned widely by critics and fans alike. Yes, I’m talking about the god-awful Green Lantern and not to forget Batman vs Superman. Green Lantern was so bad that it was chosen as one of the worst movies of 2011. Marvel took a dig at Green Lantern in the recently released Deadpool movie wherein Wade Wilson, the character played by Ryan Reynolds says “Please don’t make the super suit green, or animated.” referring to his role as Hal Jordan in Green Lantern. BvS had Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and was directed by Zack Snyder. “What could go wrong?” thought DC. How wrong could they be! The movie was filled with plotholes. Although it made a whopping amount of money, fans generally didn’t like it. It was also criticized for making the characters more dark in nature as opposed to fun and comical heroes of Marvel. There isn’t a DC superheroes like Deadpool or Iron Man. The Flash comes a little close to being funny but that’s about it.

All being said, DC is different from Marvel. So let us hope that they come up with better movies in the future as they have 8 movies lined up until 2020.

Writer’s note: Marvel will always fall behind DC because of one aspect, one man- Batman. Why you ask? Because he is BATMAN!




Ever since the birth of the human race, one thing that has been a constant is evolution. We evolved from walking on fours to walking on twos, invented fire and the wheel, became settled farmers instead of being hunters, invented so many things to help us grow (if I start mentioning each one, I’d probably be dead by the time I finish) and whatnot. We made a lot of mistakes but we sure did learn from them. But all through this journey, one characteristic of man that hasn’t changed is Judgement.

Judgement has become our bread and butter which is served so quickly that you wish the same speed can be achieved in a courtroom. “Whatever you do, people will always judge you.” has become a saying of sorts. Right from when we come into this world, an aunty/uncle/grandmother/grandfather will go “He looks just like his father. Hope he turns out just like him.” and that’s it. Our life from thereon will be focused on aping our father. If you want to go out and play, people will say that you don’t study enough and if you decide to stay indoors and study, the same people will go “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” If you decide to take up a lesser known course in college; they decide that your 12th standard marks are of unspeakable levels.

It doesn’t end there. Professors judge us based on marks or as they like to call it – academic performance. What’s more saddening is that people of our age, our college mates, continue the deed. People judge you on your choice of friend down to your choice of hairstyle. Feelings will be trampled upon like fallen leaves.

People often mistake judgement to be an opinion. An opinion is one’s view or suggestion on a certain matter which is given straight to the person concerned. For example, “You’ll probably score more runs if you slightly adjust your posture.” is an opinion. Whereas judgement is a conclusive statement which may or may not be given straight to the face of the person concerned. For example, “I guarantee that you’ll never score runs because your posture is the worst.” is an outright judgement.

It maybe too late. We may have reached a point in our evolution wherein it is virtually impossible to eradicate judgement, but I am an optimistic man. I wish a time will come where people aren’t judged in every walk of their lives. I hope I have sowed a seed towards achieving that goal. After all, today’s seeds are tomorrow’s trees.

Finally, a note to parents: “What will society think?” is not a valid reason to force your children to alter their life decisions. Society is going to judge no matter what you decide to do. So let them at least be judged for what they like to do and not for something they hate already.

But then again, this is just my Opinion.