Why The World Will Remain In Chaos?

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Earth is a complicated planet. Of a universe of a billion light-years wide, there is only one precious space for all forms of living(For the time being at least). There are heavy complications that make up the chaotic state of existence of the Earth.

The Earth has effectively plunged into complete complicated chaos through its chronological, a 4.5 billion year transformation into its current form. The chaos started with formation of single celled beings and ensued with their multiplication into their most primal form, the human beings. Sapiens of today are totally distinct from Sapiens of thousand years before.

Yuval Noah Harari in his book “Sapiens” argues

Ever since cognitive revolution, Sapiens have thus been living in a dual reality. On the one hand, the objective reality of rivers, trees and lions; and on the other hand the imagined reality of gods, nations and corporations.

Besides the existence of actual natural entities like trees, rivers, water and the likes, we generally build our daily lives upon imagined reality that include God, religion, corporations, economy, money and the likes. The very fact that I have a compulsion of referring to God with a capital “G” itself represents a form of imagined reality. This doesn’t have anything to do with theism and atheism though.

Ever since human lives started walking the earth, cognition grew at a massive scale enabling creation of entirely new and complicated systems. Anthropology tells us that all that humans have created have been the result of the need for value addition to their survival. Now that we are born, how do we live a better life? How do we make our living comfortable? How do we thrive in this ever developing, ever competitive world? Human Beings answered these questions through valuable creations to enable sustainable living.

Cracking The Value Additions

Slowly as human beings piled up the inventory of value addition they began to crack individual value additions into thousands of pieces to achieve comfort. Consider the most basic necessity of life’s existence. Food.

Human beings branched the concept of food just from the very idea of hunting to agriculture for self sustainability. Thousand other branches of value additions rose out of just agriculture alone. The Tractor and other farm equipment are the best valuable inventions that human beings ever created for the need of food production.

Chaos Out of Every Value Addition

Incidentally, for every good value addition that we created we bought along with them extreme chaos. The branches became extremely large and diverse and inter-disciplinary. This essentially created a lot of confusion and everything drifted away from what is called ideal. With respect to food, ideality lies with provision of food for hunger. Need for food created the need for good food, then agriculture, trade, money, wars, sieges, plunders, death, rape and what not? Businesses, corporations, regulations, governance, national politics, international politics, geo politics and the list is endless.

Just the basic concept of food branched itself chaotically into a hundred other concepts which created a hundred more, boiling down to a form of paradox. What was actually created for well being has created massive chaos. Same applies to any human creation.

Not just creation, human beings have created chaos even out of existing resources such as water.

The Paradox

Almost every creation was supposed to do good to either a single individual or group of beings aiming towards a common cause. However when people began to split the additions into multiple fractions motives began to split or vice-versa.

Scientists researched atoms to know of their behaviour and in specific, the general behaviour of everything that exists within the boundaries of this universe and beyond. However when motives changed or when the value additions were split, atoms were used to produce electricity(Good) and on the other hand were used create weapons of mass destruction(Bad).

Now after getting split into various fractions the concept of atoms had to involve multiple facets such as the government, peace keeping bodies such as the UNO etc., Eventually what remains is confusion and chaos. To wield nuclear power or not today involves a lot of discussion because what began as a research to understand atoms had eventually been used to cripple nations to complete human, infrastructure, financial, economic and cultural breakdown.

Utopian Dystopia

There have been umpteen number of ways to imagine and practically establish utopian world. Controversial technological advancements such as Artifical Intelligence (AI) have been considered foremost inventions of utopian world and world is considered heading towards progressive utopia. But honestly, it just seems oxymoronic. Utopian inventions like AI have been receiving immense criticism for its ability to take over complete control of human lives in critical terms of privacy, power and authority. Some day AI will be fragmented and regulated to create more chaos. Chaos is the only constant next to change.

Despite all the chaos that the world would persistently exist in, everyday people’s lives are being uplifted to be able to live dignified and happy lives. Chaos will persist, so will happiness until an eventual armageddon.

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