Do words alone win wars?

Among the twitter trends like #AccidentalDrowning, #KyaUlluBanaya, we could see some #SyriaIsBleeding, #PrayForSyria, #SaveChildrenOfSyria yesterday.

Oh man, don’t get me started about these Syrians and Israelis” you might gabble. Of course, we have hardly heard some pleasant news about Syria from the day we’ve known about them. But what is trending out there now?

In a bird’s eye view, one big war led to many more wars around the globe. These wars go by many names such as Information war, Chemical war, War for self-defence, et cetera.

A seven-year-long war at Syria reached a tumultuous state. Around 520 civilians (including 130 children) were killed in the last 5 days alone, in the rebellious Eastern Ghouta enclave, due to continuous raining of bombs by the Syrian Government with Russian aid. Also, elsewhere in Syria, the war was raging as Turkey pressed its offensive against a Kurdish militia, some rival rebel groups fought each other in western provinces, and a US-led coalition targeted the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant in the east. “This is Sparta!“, they screamed.

Silence means Consent; So they speak.
We and the people of Syria had zero hope of them rising from these ashes because even the influential organisations all over the world were busy only speaking about it rather than acting on it. In all languages, silence means consent, which we can’t afford to give. So they started searching for words to speak about this situation, while acting is paramount at such an hour of emergency.

Coming to the Syrian raids in East Ghouta, “Why kill their own people?”, you might ask. This was where the term ‘War for Self-Defence’ came into the picture, thanks to the words from the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. A member of Syrian Parliament chose the words ‘lice’ and ‘rats’ to describe those the regime was fighting. Another Syrian statesman claimed, “Liars are using pictures of Palestinians in the Occupied Territories”. Clearly, they cared little about the children who got crushed within the clutching fists of their tyranny.

Whenever there is a war, the parties involved look up to the United Nations’ mouth, for the words they have to say. So the UN had to react to this genocide as well. UNICEF issued a blank statement for “lack of words” to describe the suffering there. Again, silence is consent. So they got back with an expression “Hell on Earth” calling a 30-day ceasefire.
Hmm, interesting!“.

Above all these, there is news from the Syrian Rescue team ‘White Helmets’, about chlorine gas bombs being showered in Syria. That was it; Everyone lost their shit and expedited their hunt for words. Wow! Such a surge of arguments with an outburst of vocabulary happened then.

Should ‘Questionable authenticity’ be termed ‘Mass Psychosis’?
People suffocated to death by these gas attacks while the governments surprised us by painting new colours of chemical warfare for around 5 years. But wait; Let’s hear what our heroes had to say. They blamed the media for being ‘propaganda-driven’ and causing ‘mass psychosis’ by their ‘campaigns of disinformation’. Also, they added that such bogus stories are always expected in the information war and denied the claim. End of Chemistry.

Unaffected public from other parts of the World did their best with the command on literature, which is commendable. I read a tweet which said, “If Syrian children were to bleed oil, the world would’ve rushed there now to save them”. Truer words haven’t been spoken. However, when it comes to influential people who can actually do something to stop this huge escalation of annihilation, words alone aren’t enough.

When I publish this, it should be the time for ‘Humanitarian Pause’ ordered by Putin, which would be from 9 AM to 2 PM local time on 27 Feb 2018 to allow civilians to evacuate Eastern Ghouta. Not a soul who misses this window will die silently I’m afraid.

Let’s pray for Syria and its children, which is the least we can do.

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