Happy Dependance Day

I know this post is a bit late. But still an Opinion is an Opinion whatsoever.

70 years. In these 70 years, India has seen rise and fall, war and peace, victory and failure, humiliation and honour, equality and suppression. The country has grown with it’s citizens and is still growing, making considerable progress. We have always been a happy lot: singing in our miseries, smiling our way from failure to success… we have reached the 70th year of independence… or a guise of what we fool ourselves to be independence.

A country comprises a society which is a group of homes and families containing individuals. Now, are these individuals truly independent? Do you wake up to go to a college to study a course which you never wanted to choose? You turn in your sleep to see your snoring husband whom you’ve never loved but was forced to marry and wanna turn away and continue the rest of what would be another sleepless night? Ever seen a rock-band playing amazing tunes or a cricketer hitting your favourite shot and wondered if my dad had signed me into that course in that training academy a few years back? The list goes on, doesn’t it.

Independence in it’s truest sense is never having to be a solicitor to make your own decisions. The first half of our life is already scripted by what Gopal uncles and Pinky aunties have envisioned for their children. By the time we realise that we are living someone else’s life, it becomes too late and we are sitting in a Digital Signal Processing lecture, not understanding a word that is being spoken and praying that we clear the paper.

Again, we as a society have grown together. We have learned the ways of life. Be it to pray, to eat or to impose, we have learnt it together. But, in any point in time, we can unlearn what we have learnt and start anew. All it takes is the will to turn back and walk in the opposite direction. no doubt this would lead to chaos. But even chaos would form a pattern, eventually unfolding to provide us with solutions. If this could be done, maybe instead of more than a lakh unemployed engineers, we could have more of Na.Muthukumars, Deepa Karmakars, Kalki Koechlins, Dhonis why even another Gandhi.

Lost dreams are one thing, lost lives are another. Let us practice an independence, allowing us to venture out and choose our own colours to paint unique lives. Just because your children have small fingers, don’t drag them holding their arms. Allow them to walk their own paths… that is how people reach a destiny that is rightfully theirs.

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