The Invisible Anchor


Have you even been in a relationship where you were so much in love with him that your world seemed to literally revolve around him? Where he consumed every ounce of you? Where even after all the mess that he has put you through, you find comfort in his deep brown eyes?

Yes, I have been there. Love is one of the best emotions that one could ever experience. Well, at first it is all smiles and butterflies. Then there is this crazy adrenaline rush that you get when you receive a text message. You spend most of your time daydreaming, uncontrollably grinning and fantasizing about every possible minute you get to spend with him.

It was a time when I felt life was very transparent, simple, and uncomplicated. What could possibly go wrong when you are full of love? Well, nothing. Our love grew every day. He was the man who knew me inside out. He knew exactly what I like and how I would react. He simply loved me too much. And, I loved him a little much more.

He was my wonderwall. I was very vulnerable when it came to him. He had the power to crash my universe and stake my soul. A power he cherished with my will. But it doesn’t last that way forever, does it ?

Life taught me that not everything is supposed to become beautiful and long lasting. People walk into your life only to walk out. They come into your life to show you what is right and what is wrong.

Like Kiersten White said, I would have chosen him in a hundred lifetimes, in a hundred worlds, in any version of reality. I would have chosen him if he wanted to be chosen. If he had not looked into my eyes and said that he had decided to choose her over me. If he had not been two-timing for 2 years. If he had told me about his un-defying love for her. I would have walked away and let him have what he wanted. But he didn’t, she did.

A call on a forlorn night, only to realize, how much another girl can love the love of my life. I spent almost two weeks in denial, only to hear the same story from him. A relationship that lasted 3 years meant nothing to him. I fell apart. And, just like that, my stardust burst into agony.

I spent almost another year trying to find out where everything went wrong. He fell in love with someone else while he was still in love with me. That moment it struck me , my heart clasped into two , one side was filled with memories and the other was just void.

It was not just about love, it was about my career and my plans for future. I turned back and tried to alter things but then I realized that he had changed every single decision I took. I was somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

I was in the middle of a two-way street. I could either move on and live my life or continue being a mere existence. My dreams were big and it is my calling today, whatever I am, I am proud of it .

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