Of Observations Not Being Otiose

Well, I have no idea if Lisa Gherardini, popularly known as Mona Lisa was a real women. Speculations tell she wasn’t. Experts tell she was. I have an anchored belief on the experts. Not out of mental bias, but out of something else. Something intriguing. When you have a ruminating look on the expression of the painting, its intriguing enough to tell you such expressions are not bound to be painted out of sheer imagination. Look at the expression again.

Mona Lisa

What do you think Lisa is upto? Sad? Happy? Depressed? Blissful? We don’t know. No one could conclude. For that matter only Lionardo da Vinci can tell that. What would he have observed when he saw the model sitting in front of him? Only he knows. Looking into the picture, I see a hundred ways it could be interpreted. Just that expression can tell you volumes about the painting. The expression of Lisa is just one of the entities that Lionardo has deeply observed. If Leonardo never observed Lisa’s expression, it wouldn’t have been the worth a million dollars which it is.

What’s in observation?

Wildly, Observation has shook mankind enabling its reach to unimaginable borders. Most of the greatest inventions and discoveries are results of brilliant observations. Newton “observed” the falling apple and did not just rub his head away. Roentgen observed that a random ray doesn’t penetrate through bones, named it X-Rays making it one of the greatest discoveries.

While I write this I observe two dragon flies fluttering and dancing. How do I interpret that you ask me? In a hundred ways. You observe the same thing and you interpret in a hundred other ways. These interpretations of ours create a hundred conclusions bringing us to this advanced part of world where nothing has been impossible.

When you get defeated in a war, it just means the enemy has observed you better than you did. There were instances where a meager army of a few thousands went on to defeat an army comprising of lakhs. Ever heard of guerrilla warfare? It is exactly that. It is where a unit of very few armed or unarmed men wage war against a larger and stronger army. How do they do it? They observe the enemy and hit where it is required.

When it comes to observation, it isn’t facile enough for you to master. It is also not tough enough to not be able to master. Observations vary from person to person. When one observes two dragon flies happily dancing, the other observes that the two are wrestling. Observations lead to distinct interpretations and distinct interpretations lead to research and debate. Research and debate bring us conclusions, inventions, discoveries, happiness, sorrow, solutions and also ideas for your next write up. You don’t require a topic to write about. Observations give you ideas on what to write next. A small observation did make me write this.

Wide observations enthrall you into a world of unending boundary of thoughts. Observations can break boundaries that were never broken. Stop watching. Start observing.

P.S Why do all paragraphs in this article start with “W”. May be I just wanted you to observe 😀

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