Everyone of us Should Vote. But Why?

You get into an MTC on a sunny morning at Guindy bus stop and hand over a ₹500 note and ask “Anna, oru Nandanam(Brother, one Nandanam)”. The conductor would give you a striking stare that gets tattooed in your mind till you get down and he would say,”Moonu rooba change kudu(Give me 3 Change)”. You check the change section of your purse and you find the bracelet that your girl friend/boy friend gave, the ticket of your earlier bus travel and also along with them a 2 coin. How does it feel like when you don’t have that 1 to rescue you? Okay, I know its inexpressible.

Now yet again let me give you another nostalgic, embarrassing, helpless feeling. Lets say you have written the last semester exam of your life(Final year, Final Semester, One last exam). And one sudden sunny day results are out and you find that you failed in your last semester exam by one mark. One single mark. You put up your paper for revaluation and the revaluation result says “No Changes”. How would you feel? Okay, I know its inexpressible. (No offence please. I just wanted to give you that feel :D)

Imagine this happening to a deserving politician. One such politician, son of veteran politician and former governor of Kerala late B Rachiah’s, A R Krishnamurthy who lost against R Dhruvanarayan in Santhemarahalli(Sc) constituency in the 2004 assembly elections. While Krishnamurthy contesting on JDS ticket polled 40751 against Dhruvanarayan’s 40752 votes. So how would that feel? Yes again, inexpressible.


Being a part of democracy, its important that you vote. You ask me why? Let me tell you why.

Consider a strong politician X who is contesting against another strong politician Y. X in your opinion has scams to his name and is someone whom you’ll never believe. And Y who also has scams to his name but has on minimal scale along with some good governmental and welfare initiatives to his name. But again you don’t believe in him too. So you opt not to vote. And after results get declared you find X defeating Y by one vote and that definitely is yours. Now X gets into the assembly, loots more and more money. This is what is happening in Indian Democracy. We either don’t choose at all or choose to stay aloof or choose the wrong person. Now that you did not vote, you just became a reason for wrong person representing the state. And we go bonkers when they do nothing and just loot public money.

Your one vote makes every possible difference. So yes press some button of your choice on the ballot and get your index finger inked. India will improve.

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