The Transformation


After slogging for 2 whole years, thousands of engineering aspirants rush to get an admission in renowned universities. But studies and engineering aside, I want to elaborate about the hostel life. It is the shining light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a place where I discovered myself. I mean my true self; like passion, hobbies, interest and socializing. Doors which I never knew existed, opened up to help me experience a great change in personality. People whom I never knew earlier became my closest friends. Hostel life not only served as a platform for me to enlarge my friends circle but also helped me shape my character, adapt, share and learn to find happiness in every moment.
From a shy introvert and a self-obsessed guy, I had the most amazing transformation into this completely different person who has learnt to identify the flaws in his character accept the change and adapt accordingly.
Words cannot describe the moments that I experienced. I have learnt to “live” and “relish” every day. However, it has all come to an end now. The responsibility calls has made each and every one travel down diverging lanes. It’s really difficult to leave a place you’ve spent the best part of your life in.
As I get into the bus from college back to home for one final time, I look back to see the college slowly fade away into the horizon. Overpowered by emotions my eyes become moist as the memories start running in my head. I have this sudden yearning of spending just one more week at the hostel, with everyone I became close with. But realization hit me hard as I come to understand that it’s never going to be possible again (EVER!).
I saw the bright red dusk sky being engulfed by darker shades as time passed and quite literally it marked the end of the most wonderful chapter.
I desperately await the advent of a new chapter in my life. Now my time is spent contemplating the challenges I need to face in the future. Am I ready? Not for now, but soon enough..
As I struggle to embrace the change, I feel that in this life, there are no regrets, just lessons.

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