Black is the New White

black is the new white

I stay frozen watching TV. The inevitable happens. 10 minutes after the show started advertisements start flashing. Advertisement of a popular washing powder shows white shirts getting whiter and brighter. I now imagine. What of black shirts?


The morning of the new year I happen to hear this story from one of my friend. He wakes up as early as possible that morning. He bathes. Makes him up and gets ready to hang out with his friends. Suddenly his mom yells at him. “Dai nalla naal athuvuma karuppu satta potukriyae. Vera ethaavathu potutu po(Why on earth are you wearing black shirt on this auspicious day. Wear something else and go)”. He sobs having left with no other choice.


I have been visiting countless number of temples since my childhood. Temples in India attract people in huge numbers. The point to be noted here is the diversity of people. I have seen black, brown, pale, white and people of all complexion visiting temples. As soon as I enter the shrine of the temple I see God in front of me sculpted beautifully in a BLACK sacred stone.

If Black depicts sorrow, God depicts sorrow too. If black depicts sorrow, every night is sorrow. The whole idea of black being called a sign of evil is obsolete.

Why is there diversity in complexion if God is partial to the colour white. Why are shrines of God Black in colour. We humans ourselves force the idea that black depicts sorrow and we ourselves go on sculpting the shrine of God on a black stone and worship it. Isn’t that unfair? Yes it is.


The fact that his mom’s words made my friend sob is a great sign. People of today’s generation understand the world better. Yes! They say we are losing the culture that has been in existence since a thousand years. But does that anyway matter? It is now enough if we know the past. Sati was a bad practice of the past. Didn’t we stop that cruelty? So everything of culture is not to be preserved.

Wearing white on auspicious days was a culture. But it no longer is valid. I have worn Black dresses on auspicious days. I haven’t felt even a tiny bit of negativity in it.

Black has nothing to do with sorrow. Black is nothing to do with being pessimistic. Black is nothing to do with black of those days. It is just another colour. It is just a part of light. It is just another colour that is visible to your eyes.

Just think of the blind. They love black. Infact they only love black. They see black. They live black. I have seen happier blind people than most of us. Black is no more a bad omen. If it is, it shouldn’t be.

Look around you. Black is inevitable. There is less white these days. Black is not bad. Black is the new white.

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