Intellectual Debate Dinner Table



My last fling with contributing towards this site was eye opening, and also fun.

So here I am, furiously searching for topics to write on. Topics that are viral, the ‘in-things’ people want to read about. Topics which befit Prajnesh Karthic’s opening article for The Opinion.

From writing about the sadness of all the rape and the raging forest fires, to the sheer nonsense of alleged Hrithik-Kangna interactions, and the amazing combination of sadness and celebrity drama that is the Panama papers.

My shelf in The Opinion’s liquor cabinet was more or less empty and I had the power to fill it with either hard hitting booze, or cheaply brewed bubbly. But with great power comes great confusion, and a great deal of time spent staring at a blank word document.

And there came a point when my topic or the lack of it, became my talking point.

What constitutes my opinion? If I can write about anything, how would I write about things in a way dear to me?

How complicated, or how carefully constructed should my thought train be for it to translate into a well written article?

I am told that people can hold any kind of opinion, and that everybody is entitled to one. I have no idea about the vastness and the capabilities of my entitlement, but I intend in fully finding out.


Welcome to, I hope to learn more about you and your opinions. You will get to know about mine.

Dear reader, this website will be our intellectual debate dinner date.

Lots of love,


Prajnesh Karthic.

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