Opposable Thumbs, Not the Only Qualification


A Prison For Your Spirituality

29th May. 2014.My birthday came by and I was taking in calls from all those people who remembered.

There was this certain well wisher who couldn’t make it to meet me in person as planned before, so naturally some time was spent discussing my birthday itinerary with said well wisher.

My birthday plans didn’t include the obvious early morning trip to a nearby temple, as I have never been a “Ummachi kaapathu” person before. But I was asked to visit god’s place at least this one time in my life, asked in a rather   firm way I must add.

So the resident god-house near my place of stay was an Aanjaneyar Temple in Mambalam,Chennai.

God was supposed to exist in every object of the universe and yet I had to go to Mambalam now to meet up with him. Completely acceptable logic to me .

So I went there to the monkey gods shrine, and since I didn’t know the standard procedure to take in the holiness of a place, I started looking for the prasadam stall.

After a few seconds of looking around, I found what I was looking for and found something else along with it too.

The temple boys had a monkey tied to the base of the prasadam table, maybe as a symbol of the deity they believe in. The monkey was suddenly the recipient of my curiosity, and believe me when I say I have unbound curiosity.

The monkey didn’t mind me at all, staring at me just as it had stared blankly at the countless visitors before me. There was a simple hemp rope attached to it’s right leg and the weight of the table above the rope inhibited my new friend’s movement.

I considered the monkey to be my newly met friend now, and tying the legs of my friends doesn’t sit well with me at all. So I removed the rope from it’s vestiges and both my friend and my curiosity were unbound now at the same time.

The table was not weighing down on him, the rope around it’s leg was now a useless piece and he could go anywhere he wanted to in all of west Mambalam.

Yet the monkey did not move.

The stare which greeted me when I first met him, was still painted across his face. He had no wish to be wild and free just like he was meant to be. Pretty content with scraps of food offered by god, he didn’t care to return to his normal monkey mindset.I realized that, according to him I was just an annoying brat on his birthday adventure.

That my people, is a narrative that fits even us greater simians. There are too many of us with beautiful minds in this world, only to have the beauty curtailed by the dogma of religious beliefs.

Religion is the thing standing between us and God. Isn’t that such a funny statement to make?

Religion, as opposed to it’s initial purpose of acting as the ladder to reach the almighty, has now become the mountain one needs to climb to overcome the burdens acting on one’s individuality.

The rope around your leg is growing tighter, and you are becoming less aware of your own capabilities.

It’s time to answer a small question. So, what type of monkey do you want to be?

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